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Supporting our Schools

A track record of success

With a National Support School, Teaching School and Maths Hub at the heart of the Trust, there is a long-standing heritage of successfully supporting and developing partner schools, always working in respectful partnership together to achieve sustainable improvement. For example:

  • Improving Ofsted rating to bring a primary school out of special measures.
  • Reviewing pupil premium provision to support more focused use of resources.
  • Deploying specialists to improve specific aspects of provision including in reading, Early Years, Christian Distinctiveness, secondary maths, music.
  • Leading the development of new teaching methods, for example, mastery in maths.
  • Developing bespoke support for schools relating to leadership and pedagogical improvement.
  • Enabling leaders to apply their skills and realise sustained school improvement, through the provision of nationally accredited leadership programmes.
  • Shaping administrative and business systems with partner schools to improve efficiency.

MITRE school support

Staff Development

Staff in MITRE schools benefit from expertise through networks, nationally accredited training, the sharing of best practice at whole school and classroom level.


School Improvement

Each MITRE school benefits from an annual review leading to support, advice and guidance for improvement.  The review focuses on teaching, ethos, leadership, well-being, behaviour and the curriculum.

Business Support

Close partnership working with individual school business managers, including a business managers' group, direct support in schools, "anytime" advice and guidance and centralised services.

Leadership and Governance support

Leadership Team

Senior leaders in school are supported with advice and guidance from the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. This includes advice and support with regard to admissions, HR, recruitment, improvement planning, marketing, policy development and negotiation.

Representative Head Teachers will have the opportunity to sit on the MITRE Heads' group.


MITRE has adopted a local governing body model, with each school's LGB focusing on the very best provision in their school.  Policy development and negotiation, constitutions and terms of reference, compliance advice, governor training and learning resources will all be supported centrally by MITRE. Where schools are in need of more extensive support MITRE will appoint governors to sit on a local governing body.



Individual school governance

Each school within the trust will operate according to its Scheme of Delegation.  This varies depending on the status of the individual school which is determined by a Due Diligence process.  Where a school is performing well, MITRE will afford considerable autonomy to the Local Governing Body.

  • A LEADING academy enjoys considerable autonomy at school and local governing body level.
  • A SUPPORTED academy has a local governing body with the majority appointed by the trustees.
  • A SPONSORED academy has a governing body which is trust appointed.

The Scheme of Delegation below is included as an example for a Leading Academy.