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Our Schools

The Minster Trust for Education welcomes enquiries from any school interested in joining our trust.  We anticipate the trust will grow to include Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Special Schools.

At its foundation, MITRE is based around a group of schools in and around the town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire and will seek to work with other schools in the geographical area up to 1 hour journey time from the town.  While there is an appreciation for the need to increase in membership, MITRE will always be a trust that knows its schools well and works collaboratively with them to support the best possible education for pupils.

The Minster Trust for Education is a Church of England Multi-Academy Trust and as such is underpinned by Christian ideals.  However, it is also fully inclusive and respects the individual identities and values of its member schools.   Membership of the trust is open to all schools, regardless of denomination and the individual values and ethos of those schools is fully supported by the trust.

To find out more about each of our member schools and those in the process of joining our trust, please click here.