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Strategy & Growth

The Minster Trust for Education looks forward to welcoming schools which share its vision for education and commitment to deep partnership. It will operate for the collective good of pupils and students such that high quality education is sustained and supported, underpinned by our values of integrity, wisdom, kindness, collaboration and service. Each school will be unique in its own right and also distinctly part of MITRE, aligned to achieve our collective goals. Enquiries are welcomed from any school interested in finding out more about joining MITRE.

Philosophy Underpinning MITRE's Growth

  • MITRE is a trust focused on local education provision, with all member schools able to be reached within 1 hour.
  • Schools joining MITRE will subscribe to the trust's philosophy, including a commitment to collaborate and share best practice.
  • Any school joining the trust will be subject to due diligence processes, including the consideration of its financial position and its effectiveness.
  • While remaining true to its charitable status, MITRE understands the need to build a trust which can support the financial sustainability of its member schools and as such will provide value-for-money high quality central services.
  • We will know our schools well and offer them bespoke support.  This will act as a limiting factor for Trust growth.
  • We will take account of national education policy as we grow, ensuring we are a strong trust with 10 or more partner schools.
  • Our growth will be based on strong principles and will be for the benefit of students in schools and not for organisational advancement.

Growth of MITRE

March 2018 Minster Trust for Education registered and governance established
December 2018 The Minster School (founding school) joined MITRE
May 2019 Farnsfield St Michael's Primary School joined MITRE
July 2019 Bleasby Primary School joined MITRE
November 2019 Holy Trinity Infant School joined MITRE
July 2020 Halam Primary School joined MITRE
January 2021 National Church of England Academy joined MITRE
April 2021 Lowe's Wong Infant School joined MITRE
January 2024 Kingsway Primary School joined MITRE

growth ambitions

Three or four secondary schools

Ten or more primary schools

One or two special schools