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 Minster Trust for Education is an inclusive learning community based on the principle of sharing.  It operates for the collective good of pupils and students such that high quality education is sustained and supported, underpinned by strong values, Christian or otherwise.  Each member school is unique in its own right and also distinctly part of MITRE.

Our Purpose and Goals

  1. Raising the aspiration of all within MITRE to achieve the very best for all members of its learning communities.
  2. Working within MITRE and with the wider community to design and deliver an inclusive, innovative and stimulating curriculum for children.
  3. Creating a culture and environment where safeguarding and wellbeing are paramount.
  4. Developing and nurturing a collective approach to raising achievement through appropriate challenge and support and a commitment to early intervention.
  5. Providing a teaching and learning environment and culture where all feel safe to take measured risks in order to learn and grow.
  6. Equipping and developing all professionals engaged in delivering the curriculum with excellent knowledge and skills, through high quality leadership and management so that we grow highly effective staff at all levels to ensure there is strength across the Trust.
  7. Sharing our teaching and learning environments whilst enabling each school to develop its own culture, beliefs and ethos as appropriate within the overall MITRE framework.
  8. Maximising opportunities to share outstanding resources that underpin the teaching and learning environments across MITRE.
  9. Establishing central services for schools so they can focus their efforts on helping children to excel.
  10. Creating development plans (Trust and school) to support the strategic vision which is agreed, shared and consistently applied across MITRE.
  11. Ensuring Church Schools are run in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England.

Our Principles, Ethos and Culture

  1. MITRE celebrates each school’s unique characteristics and values, respects and maintains each school’s distinctive ethos and identity and, where relevant, their Christian distinctiveness.
  2. Collaboration, care, inclusivity and challenge are at the heart of our learning community.  All member schools are committed to the shared vision and objectives of MITRE.
  3. All MITRE staff accept and embrace their professional responsibility to care for every child and young person within the Trust. They are open to change, treating all with respect within the wider MITRE community.
  4. MITRE is committed to equipping students for the challenges and opportunities of the future world by providing the highest quality academic, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural education.
  5. High quality intervention will be provided when appropriate and at the earliest opportunity to ensure the learning needs of all students are met.
  6. Staff in MITRE leadership and governance accept responsibility to provide high quality professional learning and an appraisal process that is challenging and supportive to enable outstanding teaching and leadership.
  7. All children and young people, of all faiths and none, will be nurtured within an agreed moral framework secured through British values; Christian values; values of community schools.
  8. Where the MAT identifies performance concerns, action will be taken to support the school to resolve these issues.