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Minster Trust For Education

Minster Trust For Education

Committees and Leadership


The five members will meet at least once per year (at the Annual General Meeting) to consider the following matters :

  • Appointments, resignations or (in exceptional circumstances) removal of Trustees.
  • Receiving the annual audited accounts for the Trust and the appointment of auditors.

Trust Board

Nine trustees are appointed to support and develop the strategic direction of MITRE. They meet at least twice per term, once at the Full Board Meeting and also as a member of a committee.

Full Board Remit 

Although not exhaustive, the following items would be considered at the Full Board:

Scheme of delegation review
Due diligence review
Terms of reference
CEO report
Growth plan
Local Governing Body minutes
Policy reviews
Reports from committees

Finance and Business Operations Committee Remit

Although not exhaustive, the following items would be considered at the Finance and Business Operations Committee:

Internal audit
Finance and pay policy
Health and safety
Capital projects and funds
Risk register
Annual accounts and budget

School Improvement and Standards Committee Remit

Although not exhaustive, the following items would be considered at the School Improvement and Standards Committee:

HR policy
Employee conduct
Quality assurance
Academic outcomes
Ofsted and SIAMS
Ethos and Christian distinctiveness

Trust Leadership

MITRE is led on a day-to-day basis by the leadership team:

Chief Executive Officer - CEO 

Mr Matthew Parris

Accounting Officer for the Trust

Trust Strategy

  • Aims, objectives and values
  • Corporate structure
  • Liaison and representation with stakeholders
  • Plans and evaluation, including growth and sustainability

Oversight of Finance and Procurement

Annual Budget Reviews

Oversight of Compliance

  • Safeguarding
  • Data Protection
  • Funding Agreements

Partnership Development

  • Teaching School
  • Local and National Initiatives
  • Skill sharing across MITRE
  • Parents, Students, Staff, Directors, Governors
  • Trust Membership

Leadership and Management

  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Data Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communications
  • Schemes of Delegation

Oversight of Resources

  • Succession Planning and Recruitment
  • Senior Staff Development

Oversight of School Improvement

  • Maintaining Standards in Teaching and Learning
  • Appraisal
  • School to School Support
  • School Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Improvement Planning

Chief Operating Officer - COO 

Mrs Jacqueline Straw

Chief Financial Officer for the Trust

Finance and Procurement

  • Financial Systems and Reports
  • Funding Streams
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement and Value for Money
  • Companies House and Charity Commission Compliance
  • Audit

Health and Safety

Planning and Risk

  • Business Plans
  • Growth Plan and Strategy
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management

Leadership and Management

  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Development of Shared Services
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Legal Services
  • Pay

Resource Management

  • Asset Management across MITRE
  • Resource Allocation
  • Capital Projects

School Improvement Lead 

Mrs Michele Atkinson

  • School Improvement Strategy
  • Professional Learning
  • School Quality Assurance
  • School Evaluation and Improvement Planning
  • Educational Due Diligence
  • Commissioning School to School Support
  • Leadership Development.

The diagram available to download below summarises the committee and leadership structures which support the successful leadership of Minster Trust for Education.